Solving in JS. Reverse a Linked List

Reverse a singly linked list.Example:Input: 1->2->3->4->5->NULL
Output: 5->4->3->2->1->NULL
Let create a new Node. Each node are not connected.
let one = new Node(1)
let two = new Node(2)
let three = new Node(3)
let four = new Node(4)
1 2 3 4
The node are connect to another using the next property. = two = three = four
Node {
val: 1,
next: Node { val: 2, next: Node { val: 3, next: Node { val: 4, next: null} } }
Node {
val: 1,
next: Node {
val: 2,
next: Node {
val: 3,
next: Node{
val: 4,
next: null
H        T
function reverse(head) {
let previousNode = null
while(head !== null){
let nextNode = = previousNode
previousNode = head
head = nextNode
return previousNode
  1. We need to first need to create a previous node and set it to null.
  2. We are currently at the head, node 1.
  3. While the head in not null, we can do something with it.
  4. We first need to create a temporary variable call nextNode. Using, we assign nextNode = node 2.
  5. We now need to change the pointer direction, rather having the pointer point to node 2, we want pointer to point to the previousNode which is null.
  6. After changing the direction of .next from we can update the previousNode and the head to move onto the next iteration. Assign previousNode = node 1 and head = node 2.
  7. Remember order matter on how you call your variables.
previousNode = head       previousNode = node 1
head = nextNode head = node 2
head = nextNode head = node 2
previousNode = head previousNode = node 2




Copy and Paste what’s on my mind. Perfect.

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Dong Xia

Dong Xia

Copy and Paste what’s on my mind. Perfect.

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